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At my limit:

I did so well this time, I always do up until the very end.

At the the end all the minutes, hours and days alone weigh more than my shoulders can bare. And all the sad songs creep into my ears and make the loneliness feel like a small weight around my neck that makes getting out of bed harder than usual. We always survive it and the reunions make all the time apart worth it.

But right now 3 days and a wake up feels like an eternity.


Yesterday two best friends took a day trip to Utah. They talked about heartbreak, frustration and loneliness. They laughed over pizza and beer and slipped right back into two immature girls making inappropriate jokes. It felt like something we should have done a really long time ago but it also came at the perfect time for me. A few hours outside of our city, the stress of work and family. A few hours of two best friends just being two best friends.

It was exactly what I needed .



F@#K Fairy Tales Poster Series  - Created by Chris Ables

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Because every good story needs a villain.

these are absolutely brilliant.

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Heavy Boots

This time of year has been hard for me for as long as I can remember. I am typically always very sick, sad and unmotivated. This year is no different, unfortunately. 

A very serious case of bronchitis and sinusitis has completely knocked me out. I missed more work than I care to discuss, did literally nothing around my house for the better part of two weeks and ate way too much “comfort” food. 

I have nothing happy or exciting to say. Even my 2 pound weight loss cannot bring me up from this sad, sickly drain. 

Resolutions..or lack thereof

I struggle with resolutions. I like the idea of a new year meaning a clean slate and a chance to start again but I also believe change is always, always possible. So now that we are 8 days into the new year and I have not joined the gym, been nicer, done more around my house or stuck to any of my resolution (besides eating breakfast everyday) I am going to trust that change is always, always possible and hope that maybe tonight I won’t let work come home with me and maybe I’ll do that workout dvd that has been sitting on my shelf for over a year. 

And if I don’t there is always tomorrow, right?

This Christmas was really, really good. I got to spend time with my family which is really all I wanted, my husband spoiled me (like he always does) and even though I was sick I just felt all around very happy. 

"I waited my whole life to be married and now I have been for a year, crazy!", I said this to myself driving home from work the other day. It feels good to get that first big milestone under our belts. We celebrated by laying around in bed at our fancy MGM suite, eating pizza, walking the strip and then having a very fancy dinner at Bouchon( crossed that place off my bucketlist finally!) and the best part? We ordered room service the next morning and ate in our pjs. It was the perfect, easy and relaxed way to celebrate a crazy first year. Unfortunately The Boss left shortly after our perfect easy weekend to build more stages, sleep in a tent in the desert and finally eat all those cans of soup he made me buy. I miss him but he will be home this weekend to host our first big gathering in the new house. I am excited. And because these posts are so boring without them here are some pictures from the last few weeks…

I cut my hair again. It is perfect. Exactly what I wanted and I love it.

This was on our actual anniversary. The Boss did go home with that hat.

Pepperoni, Peppers and Pineapple from Project Pie. It needed to stay in about 45 seconds longer but was otherwise delicious

Like I said, it’s perfect.

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